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What is Tadory Photography?

What is "Tadory"?

A photography service for visitors to Japan

Tadory is a photography service that helps you capture beautiful moments during your trip to Japan. Our photographer will help you discover beautiful places in Japan such as Asakusa, Kawagoe, Kamakura, and take your photos too!

Have you ever been unsure where to go in Japan?

Let our photographers help you with that! Tadory can help you discover Japan, and take beautiful photos too!

Let's go on an unforgettable adventure together!

Why "Tadory"?


You can have your personal photographer

Tadory's photographer will accompany you. Please tell us if you have a specific shooting location in mind. If you are unsure, don't worry, we have a lot of suggestions for you.

photo by data

You will receive photos in data

We will send you photos via email. You can easily share them with your family and friends on social media.


You can take photos wearing kimono!

We have an optional service where you can wear kimono during the shoot. We can also help you rent a kimono.