How to use

Prices and Service Details

Basic price

14,000yen (tax included)

Extra people

Additional of 5,000 yen (tax included)/ +1 person

You will receive at least 50 unretouched photos, and 10 retouched photos after each shooting session.

Each shooting session will take around 60 minutes.

See locations for shooting

Option service

rent kimono

We can help you rent kimono (traditional Japanese clothing)

4,000yen (tax included)/ person

* The fee is subject to change depending on the kimono rental shop.

* You do not have to pay Tadory any service fee when renting a kimono.

We also have other optional services.

How to Use


1. Book

Please use the booking form on the website. Don't hesitate to tell us if you have questions regarding the shoot.


2. Contact

We will contact you to decide location and time of the shoot.


3. Payment

Please pay us in cash or with a credit card.


4. Shooting

Let's take the photos! Each session will take around 60 minutes.

receive photos

5. Receive photos

We will send you photo data within 1 week.