Recommended shooting spots in Tokyo

Recommended shooting spots in Tokyo

Have a blast capturing your memories!

A photography service for travelers to Japan

Tadory is a photography service that helps you capture beautiful moments during your trip to Japan.

Our photographer will help you discover beautiful places in Japan such as Asakusa, Kawagoe, Kamakura, and take your photos too!

Let's go on an unforgettable adventure together!

Price and Service Details(1Day Plan)

Basic charge

Shooting fee

27,000yen (tax excluded)

・Receive photos(at least 50)
・Receive 10 retouched photos
・Within 60 minutes shooting time
・Introduction to shooting spots

Option charge


Free appointment kimono service


・Supporting Kimono rental reservation
・Introducing rental stores
* The fee is subject to change depending on the kimono rental shop.
* You do not have to pay Tadory any service fee when renting a kimono.

New plan, every day shooting plans also started!

Let's shoot the whole trip, not just a day!

 TadoryPhotography was mainly used by customers who wanted to shoot a normal 60-minute shooting plan together with kimonos.And in order to help you capture more memories in your travels, we have prepared a new plan that can shoot the whole of the trip.
 From the minimum 3 days up to 7 days, we will shoot 60 minutes of each day at a discounted price from the regular plan.As for the kimono rental reservation agency, we accept the commission free as with the regular plan. Please use it by all means.

We will shoot a trip every day for 3 days to 7 days!

Price and Service Details

Total Shooting fee

71,000yen (tax excluded)~

・Every day,receive photos(at least 50)
・Every day,receive 10 retouched photos
・Every day,within 60 minutes shooting time
・Introduction to shooting spots through all schedule ※We will correspond for minimum 3 days up to 7 days.
※If you wish to rent kimonos even on 1day of all schedule, we will substitute reservations for kimono rental as with normal plans.

How to Use


1, Book

Please use the booking form on the website. Don't hesitate to tell us if you have questions regarding the shoot.


2, Shooting

Let's take the photos! Each session will take around 60 minutes.


3, Recieve photos

We will send you photo data within 1 week.


Sorry for the late comment! We shot together with Yusuke in Kawagoe in September. Yusuke was a kind person, I bother to study Chinese and greeted me first in Chinese, I was really surprised. I thought that? Is not he different? (We taught Yusuke that we can not speak Chinese from interacting staff. lol) While shooting, Yusuke thought about the topic, and also thoughtful angle and content thoughtfully! I'm really thankful to you!

Camera:Sony α7 II

This time I shot to Mr. Koji. Koji is a kind person, you can speak simple Chinese, even in English! Shooting in one hour is a nice atmosphere and good photos remain even on a single trip. If I have the opportunity I would like to take another picture by Koji again!

Camera:Canon EOS 5D MarkⅣ

Tokyo was one of the honeymoon destinations. Thank you very much for Mr. Koji of Tadory Photography for making good memories in Tokyo since we last go 11 years. If I have the next opportunity I would like to wear kimonos in the season when cherry blossoms are in bloom, I will shoot!

Camera:Canon EOS 5D MarkⅣ

Our photographer Mark was efficient and friendly. The photos taken were sent to us within 3 days with fantastic results. I'm really impressed by the service and photos, he helped to preserve the wonderful memories :)

Camera:Nikon D3300