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Q. How many photos will I receive?

A. We will send you all photos taken in one shooting session, which is at least 50 photos. We will also send you the retouched version of 10 among those 50 photos.

Q. How can I receive photos?

A. We will send you a link via email, where you can download photos.

Q. Can I book on the day of the shooting?

A. Please book beforehand. The latest booking should be made at 20:00 (8 p.m) 2 days before the shoot.

Q. Do children have to pay fee?

A. Children are charged the same amount of money as adults,because it is much harder to photograph children than adults.

Q. Are there any restrictions regarding shooting locations?

A. We generally do not have restrictions. However, some places may result in tranport fee. We also do not shoot at amusement facilities.

Q. Where will I meet the photographer on the day of the shoot?

A. We will contact you do discuss time and place.

Q. How long will the shoot take?

A. Each shooting session will take around 60 minutes.

Q. When will I make the payment?

A. Please pay beforehand with a credit card (VISA, Mastercard). If you can't use these cards, please contact us.

Q. Can you keep my luggage during the shoot?

A. Our photographer will take care of your luggage during the shoot.

Q. Can I take photos with my camera or phone?

A. Feel free to use your camera or phone during the shoot free of charge.